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Company: SMS Marine System Co., Ltd.
Country: South Korea
Address: #597-2, Hadan-dong, Saha-gu, Busan, Korea (South) 604-020
Contact: Dami Kim
Phone: +82- 51-290-1016

Ro-Ro Equipment

Ro-Ro Equipment

Bow Ramp / Door
Bow ramp/door open parallel to side shell or upwards. Bow ramp plays as a corrosion bulkhead door in case of detachable type. For conventional type, another corrosion inner bulkhead door is to be considered. Automatic control includes sequential operation by PLC or manual control. Bridge indication is provided for the door in a closed/locked condition.

Side Ramp / Door
Two or three-level side ramps allow convenient cargo handling under various ship draughts and port conditions It is operated by hydraulic winches and working levels can be adjusted through jigger winches.

Stern Ramp / Door
SMS stern ramp/door is designed to match the vessel’s dimensions and the range of quay heights. It will serve to make operational efficiency. The operation of the ramp is achieved either of two directional hydraulic by cylinders, arranged by each side. When the ramp at the close position will act as a weather-tight door. Cleats and locking devices secure the ramp/door.

Folding Type Hatch Cover

Folding Type Hatch Cover

Single Folding Type Hatch Cover

Folding hatch cover manufactured by SMS is operated by hydraulic cylinder with faultless and safe movement. Operation of hatch cover is non-sequential/partial with the easy access of hydraulic systems. Manual or automatic clearing system secures the panels when closed. Weather-tightness of hatch cover is kept with sealing system.

Multi Folding Type Hatch Cover

SMS designs multi-folding hatch cover to keep minimum stowage pace and specific requirements. Leading pair is operated by hinged arms on the leading pair and then the trailing pair is sequentially operated by bell crank arm. Each pair is opened to its vertical position and drawn along the longitudinal hatch way. Sequential operating mechanism secures malfunction of hatch cover operation.

Hydraulic Cylinders

SMS cylinder is made of high tensile carbon steel on the whole rod, or in way of the top seal and wiper ring on big cylinders. At rod end, cylinder is welded by stainless (SUS 316) sleeve with chrome coating to protect from corrosion. For additional protection of the piston rod surface, the space between the top seal and wiper ring is fitted with grease nipples.

Pontoon Type Hatch Cover
Pontoon Type Hatch Cover

SMS has specialized in engineering; design and construction of a complete hatch cover system for all kinds of ships. SMS provides high-quality hatch covers to shipyards for new building or repair.
There are pontoon types, hydraulically folding types, side rolling types and other hatch covers for special purposes. All hatch covers are offered with our well established design principles as well as the current regulations and relative classification rules.

Pontoon Type Hatch Cover

Pontoon type hatch covers are available as single or multi-panel units with non-sequential operation using flap sealing systems. Hatch cover panels are designed to accommodate higher container stack loads while at the same time keeping panel weights within permitted limits.

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